At school I didn’t even like English - I never thought I would aspire to teach it!

Ryans journey from failing English GCSE at school to now studying A level English shows that sometimes its how you learn, not what you learn that makes the big difference!

Ryan said, "My college highlight has been my GCSE English lessons. I have loved them, the teachers have been great, like friends. I have finally understood that I can understand and enjoy both reading and written English."

"My positive experience this year has encouraged me to decide to become an English teacher. At college English was taught in a fun way relating the syllabus to things I enjoy and understand. This made me think that I would like to teach like this and help others to get the grades they deserve."

"I used to love to read and love writing but for me at school English was hard. I struggled with the classroom setting and the inflexible curriculum at school. Of course, I understand that it has to be this way when you have classes of 30 or more students. The school tried to help me but without a diagnosis they had limited resources."

"I got my Asperger’s diagnosis halfway through the year but even before that the College had been very accommodating to support me in my GCSE English studies with one-to-one lessons."

"I wish I had known earlier the support that was available at the College. They are very flexible with their support for extra study of English and maths or if you just need help with revision or essay writing."

Ryan starts his A level programme in September studying Media, Film and English. He plans to become an English teacher, perhaps teaching English as a foreign language to begin with and then travelling for a while.

English lecturer Corrina Stretton-Darling said, “Ryan is a wonderful lad. He wanted to learn, he wanted to improve his grade and so I had to do was help him find a way. I am delighted to have been part of Ryans transformational journey which will allow him to access his A level programme next year. I look forward to continuing to support him throughout his time at College. Our learning support programme offers individually tailored learning support which Ryan will agree not only works but is fun too.”