Chris Packham G7 Event

Students with a passion for the environment got to learn tips from the top, thanks to an inspirational virtual talk.

Students had a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a nationally recognised TV presenter

Students had a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a nationally recognised TV presenter

Members of the College’s newly formed G7 student project team had a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from nationally recognised TV presenter, photographer and nature enthusiast, Chris Packham, for an exciting discussion about the environment.  

Chris, who has become a household name thanks to his television work including popular shows such as ‘The really wild show’ and ‘Springwatch’, delivered an incredibly inspiring talk to the students from his home in the New Forest.

The hour-long virtual talk included a sobering and frank description of the state of the world's environmental and climate crises; a summary of why it's important to be positive and present solutions, rather than complaining about problems; and an inspiring summary of how to cope in the face of adversity and apathy, including how to empower others.

Chris also took questions from the students and gave them some stellar advice in creating their upcoming project for the G7 summit.

The G7 student project team was formed by the College’s science department this year ahead of the environmental summit that is taking place in the county this month, with the goal of students having the opportunity to deliver an environmental message to the G7 world leaders.

To join the prestigious project, students had to submit a 500-word statement or a 2-minute video detailing what they would say to the G7 word leaders about the environment, if they were given the chance.

With over 30 applications, all created to an incredibly high standard, Science Lecturer Ned Crowley had the challenge of whittling down the team to the final seven.

The final selection of students, who were chosen not only for their exceptional entries but also for their talent and genuine passion for the environment, are studying a breadth of subjects at the College, including arts, sciences, and humanities, making them a great mix to deliver a powerful message on the environment to the world leaders this June.

The opportunity to hear from Chris, who also provided feedback on the work the students had created so far, was an invaluable opportunity for the team.

Lulu Harrison, who is from Truro and is in her first year of studying A Levels in English, Geography Psychology, really enjoyed the session and appreciated the advice Chris provided her with.

She said: “I really enjoyed how encouraging and passionate Chris was, and the faith he had in us really made me feel very excited and positive about the project”.

Lily Burton, who is from St. Agnes and is in her first year of studying A Levels in Politics, Geography and Psychology, also found the session to be incredibly motivating and inspiring.

She said: “Talking to Chris provoked even more motivation in us to create proactive solutions and a unique campaign to engage our target audience. He specifically played on the importance of never giving up as a measure of our success but using persistent resilience and determination to create real change”.

The inspiring session with Chris follows on from an equally exciting and passionate talk that students listened to from former student and conversationalist Emily Stevenson.

Emily, who is the founder of the hugely successful local beach clean initiative Beach Guardians, joined the students in May to speak to the project team about her successful environmental campaigning, as well as provide them with her top tips and advice when it comes to encouraging others to make a positive environmental change.

Thanks to the top advice delivered by both Chris and Emily, the students are currently working on creating an impactful video specifically discussing the harm of micro plastics on the environment, which they are hoping to show to the world leaders when they visit the county this month.