‘Core Maths’ gives students a new way to study Maths

16 to 18-year-olds at Truro College have a new option in how to study Maths that can give them an edge in their future aspirations.

Core Maths lecturer George Popperwell is getting more students doing Maths at Truro College

Core Maths lecturer George Popperwell is getting more students doing Maths at Truro College

The ‘Mathematical Studies - Core Maths Level 3 Certificate’ is a one-year practical Maths course for students who have achieved a grade 5 or above at GCSE, that can be taken alongside your other course choices, whether that is three A levels or an Extended Diploma.

Maths is a key subject that underpins many areas of modern life, from IT and computing, engineering and technology, to finance, construction, and medicine. It can also be a good choice no matter what you may want to do later, as it can make you stand out as a stronger candidate.

The government has identified Maths as one of the most important subjects it wants to promote to help enable young people have the skills to keep them employable as work sectors develop in the future, and to keep the country as a whole competitive on the global stage.

Designed for students who want or need to do more Maths to support their career or further study, but who don’t want to do a full Maths A Level, Core Maths is the equivalent of an ‘AS’ level in UCAS points.

It supports the study of many other popular subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Business, IT, Computing, Engineering, Construction, and Sport. For careers in these fields, doing more Maths at College is desirable.

Core Maths Lecturer George Popperwell summarised: “Students should consider Core Maths as it’s enjoyable, gives you useful new knowledge and skills, and universities and employers look favourably upon it.

“It has an emphasis on problem-solving and the real-life use of Maths, including personal finance. If you study Core Maths in the first year at College and get a good grade in it, it is something brilliant to put on a University application in your second year.”

Student Frankie Smith from St Austell, who did Core Maths alongside A Levels in Environmental Science, Photography and Product Design and the Built Environment, says: “I decided to do Core Maths for my future career, and I thought it would help me in the real world, too. There are some very helpful topics that we cover. After College I would like to become an architect that uses environmentally-friendly materials to create sustainable buildings.”