GB athlete visits college to encourage students to reach for their dreams

In honour of the Stay Healthy Fortnight, the Student Services and Health, Wellbeing and Sport (HWS) teams at Truro College organised GB Skeleton Talent athlete Philippa Brett to come in and talk to the students about how she got to where she is today.

Cornish at heart, Philippa tries to get down to Cornwall whenever she can to talk to students. Having grown up in Cornwall, Philippa understands how it can be harder for Cornish students who want to progress in certain areas. “There aren’t the opportunities here as much as anywhere else,” began Philippa. “So it’s important to show that being from Cornwall you can still do something impressive.”

While it’s hard for Philippa to get down to Cornwall, it remains one of her top priorities. Indeed, students at the College were lucky as Philippa usually spends the winter months in Europe and America training and competing in winter sports.

The effort is certainly appreciated as it’s fantastic for students to see where their hard work can get them. “I find it important to come back here,” began Philippa. “To encourage Cornish students to do what they want to and not to let any restrictions stop them, to push past them.”