Generous donation to help students build on their skills

Truro College’s Construction and Bricklaying students can’t wait to get started on some new projects after a generous donation of bricks from national suppliers Michelmersh were delivered to the College.

The donation came about after a conversation between one of the lecturers and the team over at Michelmersh, who are known for their support of the next generation of builders and who were only too happy to provide the students with a large supply of bricks.

Frank Hanna, joint Chief Executive Officer of Michelmersh, commented: “Michelmersh continues to lead the industry in offering a wide variety of support for trainee bricklayers across the country. We are thrilled to add Truro and Penwith College’s bricklaying department to our extensive list of educational institutions and vocational courses. We are excited to see the students develop and hone their skills using our products over the coming academic year, watching them as they evolve to become the next generation of bricklayers and the future of our industry."

The bricks will be used as practice for the students as well as in their assessments; there has even been talk of a house or a bungalow being built, which would give the students valuable experience of the industry they will be entering into.

Simon Bright, lecturer at the College, was thrilled with the delivery, saying: “We’re extremely grateful to Michelmersh for giving our students the opportunity to use such good quality bricks, which will allow them to have pride in their work and help them progress into very good tradesmen . We look forward to Michelmersh supporting the College in the future.”