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We have created a start of year checklist so new and returning students, parents and carers can find all the information needed to make the start of term as seamless as possible. You can find this checklist and other important information in the Start of Year Guide.

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Tim Moody

Tim’s role involves leading a team of around 20 staff, including Work Placement Officers and Career Zone assistants, in providing information, advice and guidance to all students on all things connected to their future pathways.Tim says; “we strive to be inspiring, relevant, we try to ensure that we make people excited about their future, and we’re really proud of the current developments that have been taking place within Truro College and soon at Penwith College – the Career Zone is here, and we want to make it work for students. We want to make it a hub of activity where students can come in, research their career options, use our resources, and use our professional expertise as well so they can map their pathways.”“We open up our provision to prospective students, so absolutely please make an appointment, by contacting the College asking to link in with the Career Zone team.”

Tim’s advice to current secondary school students is; “Look at your core skills. look at work experience that you might have done in Year 10, look at your feedback, look at your strengths and see how they align to potential careers. Potential students are then able to choose particular courses that can take them to where they want to be. I think it all starts with recognition of strengths.”

Phone: 01872 308470


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