Foundation Studies students have put on their dancing shoes

Students and staff have been getting their dancing shoes on in aid of a very important cause.

The Foundation Studies team and their students have been getting into the groove for the National Autistic Society’s Super 7 Challenge, which asks participants to take part in a ‘7-themed challenge’. This includes anything from walking 7km to baking 7 cakes, cooking 7 dishes or even singing 7 songs.

Learning Support Advisors Laura, Carla and Sophie, who all work in the Foundation Studies team, decided to take part in the challenge this year as a way of celebrating World Autism Awareness Week.

Laura said: ”We all work together with some incredible autistic students, so we wanted to fundraise for the National Autistic Society and hopefully bring some entertainment to our students”.

The students really enjoyed getting involved in the first part of the challenge, which saw them complete 7 different dances back-to-back, with Sophie leading the dance group. The session entailed upbeat and high energy performances and some students even took to freestyling some moves.

Foundations Studies students and staff get in the groove for an important cause

Laura said: “I’m so glad we could kickstart the challenge alongside some of our lovely students, seeing as they are the ones who inspired us to do the challenge in the first place”.

The dance challenge is just one of the many activities that Laura, Carla and Sophie have taken part in throughout the week. Other challenges included a 70-minute circuits workout, a seven-layer bake, 70 seconds in the sea without a wetsuit and a 7km walk.

At the end of the week students and staff managed to reach an impressive donation total of £225, exceeding their overall target.