IB students are Berlin-bound for sustainability seminar

In a rare turn of events, two students from Truro College have been selected to join around 30 British students at the Berlin Conference of Sustainable Development and Consumption, which normally only invites one student per college to attend.

“Normally they accept one person per college,” said Lotte Foster, one of the two IB students attending the seminar. “They might accept two people from a college, but they would have to be in different year groups and courses so we’re quite lucky.”

The conference is an opportunity for students from Germany and the United Kingdom to come together to discuss current issues surrounding sustainability.

“It’s about bringing together students from different countries and having them discuss the issues people are ignoring and discussing ways that we, as young people, can combat the crisis,” said Bella Roberts, fellow Truro College IB student and Berlin attendee. “I think it will be good to see how people do things differently in other countries and to see if we can use anything here at College.”

Leading up to the seminar the two environmentally conscious students had to make a sustainable change to their lives. Bella chose to reduce her wardrobe to just five items of clothing to show how people can live with less and to highlight how unnecessary the fast fashion industry is, while Lotte chose to try veganism.

Both students were very excited to be chosen to attend the seminar, with Bella saying: “It’s good because it is a global issue so it’s good that we form global links as early as we can because then, if we do go into careers in dealing with sustainability then we’ve got those doors open.”

Lotte thought it was a brilliant opportunity, especially when linked with the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which encourages international relationships, saying: “Because the IB is international it makes sense that we work together with other countries and cultures. I’m very excited.”