Netball Academy Training in Spain

Murcia, Spain was the destination for the netball academy training camp this half term. 9 lucky students off to train with top coaches and international teams for a week in the sunshine.

Specialist Coaches delivered focused workshop sessions through the week, ranging from shooting, attacking, defending and beach netball alongside strength and conditioning sessions. The coaching staff boasted a wealth of knowledge and experience, including Maggie Jackson a former England Netball player and coach.

An international tournament filled the final day where teams from England, Scotland and South Africa who had trained together all week played against each other using all of their newfound skill and technique. Penwith College finished third narrowly missing out on second place by 1 goal. Coach Nadia Edyvean said, “We were out classed by the first position team KTK from Durban, South Africa who played with style, strength and pace on level above the other teams. It was lovely to see the students play some of their best netball in the match and not give up even though from early on in the match it was obvious our chances of winning were low. At half time one of the students came off saying it was a privilege to be on the same court as the KTK players and how much they were enjoying the experience despite being 14-1 down after only 10 minutes play.”

Nadia continued, “In the run up to camp the team all worked very hard to fundraise for this programme, through running netball camps, bake sales and a Fast 5 tournament as well as 2 students receiving grants from West Cornwall Youth Trust. I am delighted that they got so much out of it. I was impressed by the attitude, effort and levels of maturity shown by the students, who at all times behaved impeccably and were fantastic ambassadors for Penwith College. We left feeling very proud of them, watching them grown in terms of their skill and understanding of the game but also as a team with strong long lasting friendships formed.”