Principal’s update: 12 Jan 2021

I hope that you are all managing to stay safe and well during this latest national lockdown and that you are accessing your normal College timetable remotely.

For any student who is experiencing problems with their online lessons, please discuss this immediately with your personal tutor who will provide the necessary support.

To help you with the remote delivery please see below some updated guidance for you that we hope will make the experience both enjoyable and valuable.

I have also included the latest update on the College’s position regarding student assessed grades for your information.  We will continue to provide any updates as soon as we receive the guidance from Central Government.

Student Guidance for Remote Teaching

Setting up:

As a student you will follow your normal teaching timetable. The College uses Microsoft Teams to deliver and support remotely.

Outside of College, go to in any internet browser and sign in using your College username and password.

All lessons should be scheduled for you by your Lecturers – this will give you several notifications to inform you that a lesson is about to start, and at what time.  Please speak to your tutor if you are having problems accessing the lessons.

It is strongly advised you keep Teams open during remote learning.  Once the staff member has started the meeting a notification will pop up and you can join from your Teams/Outlook calendar.  When setting up you may be asked to allow access to your webcam and microphone; click Allow.

During the lesson:

Never leave your College account open if you’re away from your computer.

Your camera should be on during the lesson.  Please blur or add a background.

You should wear your headphones during lessons and tutorials.

You should be punctual and prepared for learning with all the equipment you need.

You should participate fully in all online teaching, completing all work to the best of your ability.

You should be dressed appropriately for your lessons i.e. not in your sleepwear or inappropriately dressed for a lecture.

Behaviour should reflect what is expected when on College site (no smoking in lessons, taking turns to ask questions etc). You have agreed to a code of conduct when you started at the College.


Attendance will be recorded and monitored daily.  It is vital that you maintain a very high rate of attendance at all remote lectures.

Attendance receives the same priority as on site face to face delivery and the College retains the same high expectations and standards for online learning as for face to face on site and as such the disciplinary procedure will continue to apply for inappropriate behaviour.

Student Support:

The Student Services teams at both Truro and Penwith will be available to support you and will continue to provide a range of services including bursary support, counselling and mental health support, safeguarding concerns and someone to talk to if you need some personal support.

The ‘Health, Well-Being and Sport’ is still available and will provide free remote exercise opportunities starting on 11 January via YouTube: HWS Truro Penwith Callywith.  More information is available on the College intranet. 

Don`t forget your personal tutor is always there for you as well and you will continue to receive a weekly tutorial from them.

Student Assessed Grades:

Following the announcement that the A level and GCSE exams are cancelled this summer and the continued uncertainty over Vocational qualifications, the College is still waiting to receive the latest guidance on how student grades will be calculated.  In the meantime, our advice to all students is as follows:

The Government are yet to publish their approach to awarding grades for qualification for those of you completing courses this year.  However, we anticipate that there may be some form of assessment and/or evidence from submitted work completed during your course.  It is therefore crucial that you continue to attend and participate fully in all online teaching and complete all work to the best of your ability.  This will ensure that any awarded grades using any variety of methods fully reflect your full potential.

With a successful roll out of vaccine planned we anticipate that current year one students on a two year course will return to full examinations in summer 2022 so it is vital that you also maximise your learning opportunity through the lockdown period, especially as many of you have yet to experience external examinations and that 2022 is likely to be a very competitive year for both higher education or employment.

Martin Tucker