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Bethany – Access to Science

Mum of two Bethany reignited a lifelong passion for science after enrolling on the Access to Science course at the University Centre Truro & Penwith, and now hopes to become a dentist after continuing her university journey.

“Doing the access course at age 29 was really beneficial as I had a clear picture of why I was doing it and where I wanted to go”.

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Having always been drawn to science, Bethany began taking steps toward her dream career with the University Centre Truro & Penwith by enrolling on the Access to Science course, ten years after leaving education.

Bethany, who is a mum of two and previously worked in fashion, explains: “I’ve always been drawn to the intricacies of human health, and my passion for science has been a constant in my life. Enrolling in the access course felt like a natural step to reconnect with that part of myself.

“I’ve been out of education for the past 10 years; I did do my A Levels but that feels like a lifetime ago. I felt doing the access course at age 29 was really beneficial as I had a clear picture of why I was doing it and where I wanted to go.”

During her time on the course, Bethany discovered biological dentistry piqued her interest, although she initially had reservations about her capabilities. The support and inspiration Bethany got from her fellow students allowed her to believe that she could progress to a career in dentistry.

Bethany said: “Being surrounded by inspiring fellow students, many of whom pursued medicine, unknowingly nudged me to reconsider my doubts and just go for it. Their determination ignited a newfound confidence in me, motivating me to pursue dentistry, and it paid off as I’m now luckily due to start a Dentistry degree in September.”

To gain experience in a healthcare setting during the course, Bethany began work in a hospital as an assistant to a sonographer, a job she “absolutely loves.”

Bethany described her favourite part of the Access course as “meeting some really interesting, passionate people, both students and teachers – and challenging my brain!”

The Access course has also equipped Bethany with skills for her future University journey: “[The course] has allowed me to figure out what works for me, for example with revision techniques I now know what works best for my brain. This allows me to be more efficient with revising, and also allowed me to discover what works best for me for notetaking.”

Her advice for future students considering an Access course is to “be organised, keep on top of work that needs to be submitted and have a positive attitude towards it all. It’s such a privilege to be able to do this course.”

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