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Sam – FdA Film, Media and Photography

Studying locally meant that Sam was able to begin his university journey with people he already knew from his time at college, taking away the pressure of not knowing anyone on his course.

“I’m very lucky to have friends that have gone from college to uni with me; we’ve all grown so much since we first met!”

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Name: Sam Peters

Age: 21

Hometown: St Ives

Prior qualifications: BTEC Diploma in IT

Course(s) studied and which campus: FdA Film, Media and Photography at Truro


Sam is from St Ives and studies FdA Film, Media and Photography at the University Centre Truro and Penwith. He previously studied a BTEC Diploma in IT before realising that he wanted to study Film at University.

When asked why he made the change, Sam said: “It’s what I want to do for my future job, and I chose the University Centre because it’s close to home and the staff are so supportive.”

Studying locally also meant Sam was able to begin his university journey with his college friends, taking away the pressure of going into the university environment while not knowing anyone:

“I’m very lucky to have friends that have gone from college to uni with me; we’ve all grown so much since we first met!”

Sam also praises the flexibility of the course, and the support from his tutors: “The course is super flexible with our lives and most of the work can either be done at uni or at home, such as blog work or shooting a film.

“The tutors support us with advice, guidance and showing us where we can access extra resources for further research.

“The highlights of my course so far are bonding with friends, developing my film knowledge and meeting new people.”

As part of his course, Sam recently exhibited work in a local gallery in Penryn, in an exhibition called ‘Metamorphosis’.

“For me, metamorphosis can be understood in several ways,” Sam explains. “One idea I had was the fluidity of emotions we feel and how they can shape us as a whole.”

Sam’s work was exhibited alongside that of his fellow students.

Outside his studies, Sam has also tried his hand at wedding videography.

Sam’s advice for students who wanted to follow in his footsteps: “Be with friends who support you and want the best for you. Also, explore new media and avenues to see what piques your interest.”

“Read books and watch films to inspire your dreams – and follow what they say!”

After graduating, Sam hopes to look for opportunities to work in the Film industry.


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