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St Eval Candle Company

The ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management facilitated staff from St. Eval Candle Company to identify and implement crucial process changes, enhancing the company’s operational efficiency and service delivery, helping them burn brighter in a competitive market.

Lighting the Way to Success: Staff from St. Eval Candle Company Ltd shine bright after completing the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.

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Company: St Eval.

Course Studied: ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.

Eamonn, Paige, and Sara-Jayne are now better equipped to lead their teams, driving both personal and organisational growth with the knowledge and tools they gained from the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management. The course not only developed their leadership and management skills but also led to tangible improvements in business operations.  

These improvements translated into cost and time savings, optimising overall business operations and ensuring that resources were used most effectively. The course also facilitated the identification and implementation of crucial process changes, set to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and service delivery. 

The training programme had several highlights that ignited the trio’s passion for leadership. They found the ‘Problem-Solving’ unit particularly enlightening with practical techniques to identify and tackle business challenges effectively. The ‘Learning Styles and Motivational Factors’ module offered insights into different learning styles and motivational factors was a revelation, helping the team better understand the diverse dynamics within their workplace. 

The support system provided during the course was robust and unwavering. At St. Eval, the management team encouraged Eamonn, Paige and Sara-Jayne to take time during work hours for self-study and assignments, ensuring they could fully immerse themselves in the learning process.  

The tutor, Paula, was consistently available via email between sessions, ready to assist with any queries that arose, providing guidance that was both timely and reassuring.  

The style of teaching for Leadership and Management encourages attendees from a variety of industries and organisations to develop ideas, share experiences and learn how to apply of techniques explored during the sessions.  

This has led to several innovative ideas and improvements within St. Eval Candle Company. The team utilised the knowledge gained from the sessions to explore each member’s working style and their motivational drivers creating a more harmonious and productive team environment. Insights from the ‘Problem Solving’ module led to significant efficiencies in both the factory and office teams. 

Eamonn remarked, “Through creating and applying Personal Development Plans (PDPs) and action plans, I have developed a much better understanding of SMART goals.”  

By conducting a SWOT analysis and Learning Styles Questionnaire for a Team Leader, he identified a need for IT development. This insight led to a customised training plan that not only boosted the Team Leader’s confidence but also brightened the path for similar initiatives for other team leaders and production staff.  

Paige found empowerment in the problem-solving unit, identifying and addressing issues with ordering times of new stockists. By bringing this to a management meeting, she sparked a series of workshops that led to a comprehensive process change aimed at improving the retention rates of new stockists.  

Sara-Jayne considered the motivational factors module invaluable. It gave her the essential insights needed to understand her team’s unique motivational drivers. 

She reflected, “By using a motivational factors workbook, I discovered that each team member required a personalised approach to remain engaged and enthusiastic. This understanding has allowed me to tailor my management approach to better support and empower my team.” 

As the tutor, Paula, was proud to see the transformative effect the training had on the professional development of the team from St. Eval Candle Company. She commented, “It is extremely rewarding to see how the design of our course content can have such a positive impact on the development of our learners and I feel privileged to be a small part of their journey.    

 “The team from St. Eval were a pleasure to work with each week and to support through their submission assignments to achieve the qualification.  I commend them on their hard work and enthusiasm. Congratulations, Eamonn, Sara-Jayne and Paige.” 

The ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management course has had a significant impact on the team’s professional development and the company’s operations, leading to improved efficiencies, better problem-solving capabilities, and enhanced team understanding. Through their newfound skills, Paige, Eamonn and Sara-Jayne have contributed to ensuring that St. Eval Candle Company remains a glowing example of excellence in the industry.  

Find out more about the ILM Leadership and Management courses here and explore our course offerings or contact our dedicated team at 01872 308000 to discuss the best option for you. 

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