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Prasanth Panicker

Starting his career in the National Defence Academy, training as a military Cadet, Prasanth progressed through his training into the Navy as a Naval Cadet, an experience that is comparable to an Apprenticeship. It was during this experience that Prasanth developed an interest in engineering. After being commissioned as a Sub Lieutenant in the Navy within the engineering branch, he continued his learning in the field of engineering, acquiring a Masters in Nuclear Technology and Management, across his 21 years in active service. Towards the end of his time in the Navy, he performed the role of Director (Operations) of a premium Naval establishment, training submariners. Upon leaving the Navy, Prasanth spent time in Mumbai leading and managing the Operations & Maintenance and Systems & Processes departments for a Renewable Energy company. Prasanth’s impressive career doesn’t end here.

After relocating to the UK he ran his own consultancy firm specialising in internal trade, business development, and development of systems & processes for governance, before joining Truro and Penwith College. The impressive experience Prasanth has acquired has given him an innate understanding of many organisations and their needs from a strategic level, especially within the engineering and manufacturing sectors. He believes that the future skill requirements of the engineering sector will include robotics and artificial intelligence, ‘glocal’ manufacturing of components and increased industrial automation.

Prasanth is described by his colleagues as fun, flexible and ethical. He enjoys cooking, trekking and listening to a variety of music including South Indian classical, country and bagpipes. He is a trustee of the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Trust and supports a number of charities.

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