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Tammy McDermott

Within this role she works collaboratively with all members of the Apprenticeship team to provide students and employers with impartial information, advice and guidance enabling them to make informed decisions about apprenticeships and recruitment. The wealth of experience Tammy has gained over the years has made her an invaluable addition to the team at Haven House. From a young age Tammy has worked in a variety of roles, including working for her parents’ hospitality business before graduating from university.

She also gained experience as an apprentice in a business administration role, which provided her with an important insight into how apprenticeship’s works, while also opening up new opportunities. This included working for a student associate scheme in a role offering support, recruitment and advice for the University of Worcester.

Other experience includes working as a secretary, a personal assistant, an administrator and a coordinator as well as doing volunteering work at Cancer Research UK and Oxfam. She has also completed several courses and qualifications with the Institute of Leadership and Management as well as a Diploma in Advice and Guidance. Tammy has proven to be a committed and determined member of the team whose enthusiasm and energy help her to provide unbiased advice, guidance and support to students and clients alike.

Aside from being the College’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Coordinator, Tammy teaches two fitness classes as part of the College’s Part-time courses provision and has delivered the warm-up session at Truro and Penwith College’s annual 5k ROC run. She also spends her free time volunteering for charities and regularly fundraises for MacMillan and Race for Life.

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