A traineeship is a course with work experience that gets you ready for work or an apprenticeship.

A student getting work experience in an office setting

What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a skills development programme that is based in a high-quality work placement (A minimum of 70 hours). It can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year (although most will last for less than 6 months). The aim of a traineeship is to help young people acquire the crucial skills that employers look for in apprentices, graduates and potential future employees. The Traineeship includes:

  • Training to prepare for work; including CV writing, interview training and what to expect in the workplace.
  • Support to improve English, math and digital skills if required.
  • Sector focused vocational learning to help prepare for an apprenticeship, job or future learning.
  • Sector specific qualifications that employer’s value.
  • an interview for an apprenticeship or job if available, or an exit interview with written feedback.

A traineeship can be considered as a pathway into further education, apprenticeships, or a first step towards a career.

Information for Employers

Who are they for?

A traineeship is for anyone aged between 16-24 who is eligible to work in England and qualified up to level 3. You must be motivated to work with an employer.

Paul-Ainsworth with one of his apprentices

Why should I do one?

A traineeship is a programme that can be tailored to meet your needs and prepare you for what local businesses are looking for. In addition to real work experience you may also get:  

  • Expenses for transport and meals from your employer.
  • Financial support for travel, childcare or a disability.
  • All the benefits that full-time learners get at an outstanding college.
  • A guaranteed interview for an apprenticeship or job if available, or an exit interview with written feedback that will enhance your CV.

How do I get involved/How do I apply?

If you are interested or require further information email or phone 01872 308287.