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Kayleigh Bailey-Brown at Ann's Cottage

Kayleigh has completed a range of training to support her career

Learner Name: Kayleigh Bailey-Brown

Employer: Ann’s Cottage

Job title: Assistant to the area manager

What were the highlights of the training?

The first course I studied with Truro and Penwith College was my Retail Apprenticeship in 2015/2016. During this course, I really enjoyed learning all the different sections retail had to it.

Since then I have gone onto study a number of courses to support my career and plan to start a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Management in 2020:

  • Health and Safety certificate
  • People management for new supervisors
  • Retail law seminar
  • Emergency first aid
  • Level 2 spreadsheet software (Excel)
  • Level 3 spreadsheet software (Excel)

What support did you receive from the college, your tutor and manager?

My Apprenticeship tutor Stephen Jones was a massive help throughout my course, I have dyslexia and struggled when doing written assignments and exams. Each week in college he would sit with me and talk through my work making sure I understood everything I needed to do. When completing my exams, I had a break-down because I couldn’t understand the questions, Steve sat with me and calmed me down and convinced me I could finish it.  He has a genuine care for his students and teachers to everyone’s individual needs.

In the work place my Manager Louise, supported me when having to create case studies within my organisation. She allowed me to cover other areas within the company when the opportunity came around, which allowed me to support different members of management and learn different areas around the company. Doing this helped me to develop and learn the different management styles and adapt to my own style of management.

What impact has the training had on you?

Completing the course has given me a massive confidence boost to be able to deal with many situations within the retail sector. I have been able to deal with equality and diversity, HR issues and the general day-to-day issues you have within retail. I am now able to manage and lead a group of people successfully, using the different management skill I was taught.

What has improved within your business?

I have been working at Ann’s Cottage for six years and have been grateful enough to have completed all of my courses in my employment. As I have completed all of the courses and made myself known within the company, I have been fortunate enough to work my way up through different management positions starting as a supervisor, then an assistant manager and I am now an Assistant to the Area Manager. If it hadn’t been for all of the managerial and retail courses, which helped me to become recognised within Ann’s Cottage I wouldn’t have been able to progress within the company.

My Excel Level 2 and 3 courses have allowed me to analyse figures and identify changes that need to be made. Part of my new role involves using Excel which gives me the opportunity to share what I have learned with other member of my team weather it’s using different formulas to export data into pivot tables for example.

What does the future hold?

I don’t really know what my future holds at the moment, I have achieved so much over the past few years which has brought me to where I am today. I think my main focus is to enjoy my new role within Ann’s Cottage and if any job opportunities arise who knows what could happen.