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A Level Drama & Theatre Studies

In this course, you will learn to work through creative collaboration, expanding your performance knowledge of drama and theatre by making original work whilst also studying the influential playwrights, practitioners and theatre companies that make theatre so exciting and diverse.

Why Choose This Course?

Do you want to develop your creative potential? Work alongside others in a fun and inspiring way? By building performance, directing and design skills we encourage learners to articulate their personal and artistic viewpoints and make exciting, challenging theatre performances. Drama is a collaborative course and will help you to develop important communication skills and confidence, contributing to your personal and social development. Through studying drama, we recognise the important role it plays in helping us to understand social issues, human interaction, and the wider world. You will be inspired by live theatre, experimentation and professional practice and seek to apply these reflections to support your practical and written responses to the plays that we study.

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Start date: 05/09/2024

Course code
Level 3
Penwith College
2 years
A Level

Top Course Highlights

Outstanding facilities

Excellent tutor support

Theatre visits and workshops

Creative Collaboration

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Professional surroundings

We have an excellent learning environment; our practical classes usually take place in the theatre studio. This dedicated space develops your understanding of professional working theatre.

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Practical and collaborative subject

The opportunity to learn about a subject in a practical and collaborative way. In A Level Drama, we are active and explore theory practically, ‘on our feet’, experimenting with styles and theory to develop your performance and production skills.

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Theatre visits and workshops

To develop your understanding of professional practice, we go on theatre visits and invite productions and practitioners into College to lead workshops. We also have access to Digital Theatre and National Theatre filmed performances that you can watch from home.

What Will I Learn?

We will begin the course with a range of practical workshops designed to build group dynamics and introduce you to new styles and skills.

Component 1: Theatre Workshop = 1 Assessed Performance + Written Coursework 20% 

First year – The aim is to study the techniques of one theatre practitioner/company then apply your knowledge practically in a group performance. You can work as an actor or in a technical role. You will produce a written and visual account explaining your process and research.

Component 2: Text in Action = 2 Assessed Performances + Written Coursework 40%       

Second year – Working in a small group creating two performances as actor or in a technical role. One performance from a text and the other an original devised performance. This component will be accompanied by an evaluation of your skills development and research.

Component 3: Text in Performance = Classroom Exploration + Written Exam 40%

First & Second Year – You will study three plays contrasting in style, context, acting and production challenges. This component is assessed through a written exam at the end of two years and involves understanding from actor, director, and designer perspective.

Where Will It Take Me?

By building transferable skills, successful completion of this course will provide a pathway to university to study any degree subject. Popular routes include Drama, English, Media, Education and Humanities or a vocational route such as Drama School to study acting, musical theatre or production. You could enter any career that requires creativity, leadership, confidence, and teamwork.

Career options include Acting, directing or technical theatre for example: Actor, Performer UK or abroad (Cruise Ships, Events, Parties, Tourist Attractions, Holiday Entertainment, Theatre in Education), Broadcast Presenter, Community Arts Worker, Drama Therapist, Runner in broadcasting/film/video, Theatre Director, Theatre Manager, Theatre Stage Manager, Arts Administrator, Choreographer, Teacher, Media, Researcher, Music Producer, Special Effects Technician, Talent Agent/Casting Director, Television Floor Manager, Voice Over Artist. This course also develops relevant skills for Law, Youth and Social Work.

Assessment Arrangements

Drama is a subject that requires commitment and dedication; you will work individually, in pairs, small groups and as a whole group on assessment tasks and classwork. Your achievement in this subject is dependent upon excellent attendance, punctuality, and effort. You will learn in a friendly atmosphere, using a variety of assessment methods:

You will participate in practical sessions developing your performance skills: rehearsing scenes, exploring themes, styles, and characters.

You will be assessed regularly on written work that is conducted either as homework or under timed conditions in class and given feedback on your progress.

You will be encouraged to try a broad range of performance styles and techniques; experimenting will help you to understand what styles of theatre inspire you most.

Discussions and presentations are essential to share ideas, views and develop constructive analytical skills, you will be expected to contribute to these during your lessons.

Independent work is encouraged to build your subject knowledge in drama and theatre. Learners are encouraged to read plays, watch live theatre, and keep a Director’s Notebook with analysis, evaluation, and visual responses to the set texts.

You will be formally examined on each component that you study either by your teacher, a visiting examiner or in a written exam at the end of the second year. You will also review your own performance in 1:1 discussion with your tutor.

Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 5 to include Grade 5 in Drama or Grade 6 in an English subject if you haven’t taken drama at GCSE. An interest in all aspects of drama – performance, directing, studying plays and design is essential.

Information & Support

Independent practice will be supported through PowerPoints, worksheets and other guides available on our Moodle course. We also use Digital Theatre and National Theatre online to provide free access to performances and professional practice. College trips to see theatre productions will be offered.

Awarding Body: Eduqas

Meet the staff, tour the campus and find out about life as a student at one of the best colleges in the country.

What you could earn

  • Musicians
  • Dancers and Choreographers
  • Actors, Entertainers and Presenters
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