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Donna’s Story

Criminal Justice Recovery Worker Donna found herself at a crossroads in her career. She recognised the need for a solid foundation in leadership skills to continue advancing in her profession, so made the bold decision to enrol on the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management, which gave her new confidence and the ability to apply for a more senior role.

“Supported learning to help you develop, gain knowledge and become the best version of yourself.”

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Employer: We Are With You

Job title: Criminal Justice Recovery Worker

Course: ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management Award

The course provided Donna with an array of new skills that proved to be immensely valuable in her day-to-day work. These skills not only increased her effectiveness but also fuelled her enthusiasm for her profession. One of the highlights for Donna was learning different analyses and problem-solving techniques. These newfound skills enabled her to approach challenges in her work with a fresh perspective. She could identify and address issues more effectively, leading to improved outcomes.

Donna appreciated the balanced training approach that combined traditional workbook exercises with interactive and hands-on activities. This balance ensured that she not only absorbed theoretical knowledge but also had the opportunity to apply it in practical scenarios. The engaging and stimulating content of the course kept her motivated and eager to learn.

Donna commented: “I enjoyed the balance of the training, working through the workbooks and doing interactive exercises to expand our knowledge. The days and the course flew past!”

Donna’s decision to pursue a leadership course was not without its fair share of concerns and self-doubt. Feeling like she was “out of her depth,” Donna questioned whether she truly belonged in a class full of current managers. She doubted her potential to thrive among her more experienced peers. Her fears were further enhanced when she found that they were all from different sectors; she works in the care sector whilst everyone else was in the transport sector. Being in her early fifties, Donna also pondered whether her age would be a hindrance to her ability to grasp new concepts and excel in a learning environment dominated by younger individuals.

Donna shared: “I questioned whether I would be able to complete the assignments to the required standard. Was I to old? However, I need not have worried, the course was suited to us all.”

The course content proved to be adaptable and relevant to everyone. Donna’s worries about not fitting in among her peers were soon put to rest, as she discovered that the course was designed to accommodate individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her experience of working in the care sector gave her the confidence to contribute valuable insights to group discussions.

One of the key turning points in Donna’s journey was the support and reassurance she received from the course tutor. The tutor saw beyond Donna’s self-doubt and recognised her unique strengths. Instead of dwelling on her lack of managerial experience, the tutor valued Donna’s expertise within the care sector and emphasised its relevance to the course.

Donna recalled: “During sessions the tutor encouraged us and made us all feel included and capable.”

Throughout the course, the tutor provided individualised support including extra guidance on assignments and additional resources to help bridge any knowledge gaps.

Donna explained: “The tutor was supportive and made time after each session for tutorials if we wished to discuss or needed further support on any topic. They were also available by email and very responsive.”

Donna’s journey through the leadership course illustrates the power of determination and the capacity to overcome self-doubt. Her initial fears and apprehensions were gradually replaced by confidence and competence. Donna’s success in the course serves as an inspiring example of how pursuing educational opportunities can lead to personal and professional growth, regardless of age or initial doubts.

Reflecting on the course Donna said: “The course has given me a new confidence in my abilities. Since finishing I have applied for a role that I now feel will give me career progression and self-satisfaction.”

The ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management is one of many business and professional courses available to adults at the Future Skills Institute, Truro and Penwith College. For the full range of training and  support available, and to book your training, visit our Professional Development page on our website.

The ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management is ideal for managers who want to increase their confidence to manage a range of team activities. It equips managers with the knowledge and skills needed to lead, develop, motivate and engage their teams. The course also focuses on solving work-based problems to achieve tangible business improvements.

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