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Luna – FdA History, Heritage & Culture

With support from the University Centre, and her personal determination, Luna has turned her passion into a career

"I remember all of it so fondly. From my nervous first open day, where I walked in doubting that I could attempt a degree; to walking out knowing that I could do it."

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Course: FdA History Heritage and Culture 

Hometown: Penzance 

My Story:

With a great love for History and Archaeology, Luna was keen to stay in Cornwall to pursue a career, so was delighted to find the option to receive a University of Plymouth qualification without having to travel out of the County. Luna was equipped with prior qualifications including GCSEs, bridging modules, and Open University free courses, chose to pursue a degree in FDA History, Heritage, and Culture at the Truro campus.  

Overcoming self-doubt, Luna found herself thriving in the small class environment, fostering deep friendships and engaging in lively debates on global topics. Grateful for the unwavering support of the University Centre staff, Luna highlights the inclusive and accommodating approach that made her academic journey possible despite health challenges. 

Since graduating, Luna has continued in Education, currently pursuing a BA (Hons) in Art History at Open University with plans for a Master’s in Archive Management. To help prepare for her Masters, Luna is currently working as a voluenteer Archivist at Kresen Kernow in Redruth, whilst also writing some works as potential blueprints for books on key historical figures.  

Reflecting on her time at the University Centre, Luna said:  I didn’t even know if I was a viable contender for such a venture, as I had never even dreamed that I could achieve such a thing” 

”The class size was quite small, which made for an amazing teaching environment, with lots of interaction and participation. We had a varied age group demographic, which was fun and a great learning opportunity.  

“Because the class was small, we all become one friendship group, so there was no group division. It was amazing how our between lecture breaks became consolidation debates and further theorisations. I loved how ridiculously complicated our lunch chats were.” 

“The staff were amazing and supported me all the way. I never would have even started the course if it was not for their encouragement on the open day and throughout my 2 years and beyond. They have changed my life, and I am eternally grateful for their unending patience and support.” 

“My various health needs were always taken into consideration and lectures were even adapted for my mobility needs. I really appreciated the mental health support team, everyone was so professional and helpful. They care about your health and success, and they will help you in anyway they can.” 

The timetable was very good, allowing big time blocks for various commitments, and extended study. Many nights I stayed late in the library as it closed around me. It was such a great environment.” 

“I remember my final exam clearly. I was typing away at lightning speed for 2 hours, and it dawned on me that at the beginning of my course my typing skill was slow and awful. You pick up so many skills just by being in the environment.” 

“It has been a challenge, an eye opener, a joy, and overall, an incredible experience. The two years went too fast, and the whole experience was a life changing highlight. They are memories that I will treasure forever.”  

Luna’s advice is: “Go along to an open day and see for yourself. Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn, and you will succeed. I approached in fear and trepidation, then walked out with a host of new skills and a degree, and if I can do it with all my health issues, then you can too!”

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