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Paige’s Story

Paige's Apprenticeship Success at Hiyield: A Symbiotic Blend of Education, Business, and Ambition.

Paige actively engages in various tasks, focusing on social media content creation, email marketing, and web development.

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Job title: Marketing Assistant Apprentice

Company: Hiyield

Course: Level 3 Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship


In the dynamic landscape of professional growth and learning, Paige chose to embark on an apprenticeship journey with Hiyield, driven by a desire to step into the working world while continuing her education.

For Paige, the apprenticeship route was the perfect blend of work and education. This platform served as the gateway for Paige to connect with Hiyield with support from the College, a company aligning with her aspirations. Eager to contribute to the workforce while continuing her learning journey, she discovered the apprenticeship opportunity at Hiyield through Truro and Penwith College’s dedicated apprenticeship jobs page

At Hiyield, the supportive team is always ready to assist, creating an environment conducive to both professional and educational growth. Paige actively engages in various tasks, focusing on social media content creation, email marketing, and web development.

Laura Hudspith, Head of Operations & Sustainability at Hiyield, expressed admiration for Paige’s contributions to the team remarking: “Paige has been a fantastic apprentice and fits very well into the Hiyield team.”

Laura highlights the success of Truro and Penwith College’s apprenticeship programmes, commenting: “With two current apprentices and one former apprentice now a permanent employee, Hiyield sees apprenticeships as a strategic way to develop in-house talent.”

Beyond Marketing, Paige’s influence extends into areas like environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility. Under Paige’s Marketing guidance, Hiyield has become a trailblazer in promoting environmental responsibility within the industry. The company stands as a beacon of positive change, inspired by Paige’s multifaceted contributions.

In addition to her Marketing endeavours, Paige played a pivotal role in Hiyield’s journey towards rebranding and achieving B-Corp certification. Her dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility was further evidenced by her completion of a carbon literacy course.

Paige’s commitment and excellence were acknowledged when she won the Marketing category at the Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards, highlighting her outstanding achievements in the field.

Luke Hardaker, Training Advisor at Truro and Penwith College, takes immense pride in Paige’s accomplishments. He emphasises her integral role in fostering positive change within Hiyield, stating: “Paige’s ability to integrate sustainability into her Marketing efforts has positioned Hiyield as a leader in embracing environmental responsibility.”

Paige’s journey as a Marketing Assistant Apprentice at Hiyield exemplifies the success that can be achieved through apprenticeships. Her story showcases the symbiotic relationship between educational institutions like Truro and Penwith College, businesses like Hiyield, and ambitious apprentices like Paige, paving the way for a future where talent development and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

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