The Shewula Orphans Charity

Children in Swaziland have free education for just the primary years. After that, parents have to pay school fees. There are many (hundreds) of orphans in Shewula with no one to pay for their education once they enter secondary school.

Shewula is an impoverished rural region in Eastern Swaziland, close to the Mozambique border. The country of Swaziland and the region of Shewula have been massively impacted by HIV and AIDs. With an estimated 1 in 3 adults having the disease and life expectancy standing at a lowly 48 years as a result, the impacts are huge. Not least on the most vulnerable in society; the communities’ children.

Truro and Penwith Colleges’ Geography department and the IB programme have been supporting the children and community of Shewula since 2001, with the main aim being the enablement of AIDs orphans and other vulnerable children in Shewula to access education.

There are two main ways that you can help support this charity.

  1. Donate to Boom Shewula Wula (BSW) which helps to support the most vulnerable, especially CHH (Child Headed Households), with uniforms, food, social support, transport, medical costs and many other essential things to help ensure educational attendance, or,
  2. Sponsor a child to attend the formal school via the Child Sponsorship Scheme Shewula (CSSS) (details below).

Since the administration costs of CSSS and BSW are met by fundraising, all donations go directly to pay for the education of the children themselves. Your contribution will directly enhance the life-chances of children in Shewula.

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