Extended Diplomas

Level 3 Diplomas are widely respected qualifications, valued by employers and serving as a passport into an occupation. Continue to grow while developing your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Level 3 Extended Diploma

This is a full-time course in which you will study 18 units over two years, achieving a qualification equivalent to three subjects at A Level. It is an excellent route for students who have decided on the broad area of employment that they wish to pursue. The combination of a wide range of specialist modules with the depth of knowledge acquired enables students to progress successfully into Higher Education or into a related area of employment.

It is an excellent route if you have decided on the broad area of employment you wish to pursue. You will  be required to undertake several hours of independent study. Assessment is through coursework, external written assessments and evaluation of practical skills.

Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma

This six-unit award is equivalent to one A Level and makes an excellent addition if you are studyign A Levels. It can add breadth to an advanced course and, taken over two years, provides an applied, vocationally relevant dimension to a general academic programme. Assessment is through coursework and evaluation of practical skills including a final major project.

From the course

Josh Dray

Extended Diploma in Engineering and Electronics student, Josh Dray, built a prototype for a defibrillator delivery system. 

It was a desire to work on a project that could save lives that drove Josh to design the drone.

“I like drones anyway and looking at uses which they haven’t been used for where they would be useful to everyone,” he explains.

“Transferring emergency aid would be a good idea and using a drone seemed like a cost-effective way of doing things.”

Josh would like to go into research and development “so I get to work on the whole project rather than just a little section”, and work with Rolls Royce. Airbus is also tempting, while “the skunkworks team at Lockheed Martin would be a cool one”.

“The course has been very good. I love the college I think this course especially prepares you well for the industry, teaches how to meet deadlines, time management and the skills you will need in work life as well the knowledge and academic side of things.”

Josh is now attending Swansea University studying Aerospace but will continue developing his drone.

Ed, Outdoor Adventure Level 3 Extended Diploma

“When I saw that the College did the outdoor adventure course I thought it would be absolutely perfect; I truly was not disappointed. I’m planning on finishing with great grades and a suitable amount of experience and new skills to go straight into work. It’s been so much fun.”

Jay, IT Practitioners Level 3 Diploma

“English is my second language so I found understanding and communicating a problem. The staff worked with me and supported me in understanding how to produce my work. I am pleased to say I now produce work at Distinction standard. The lecturers made me feel like Truro College is my second home, always there to help and support me toward my goals.”