Penwith College induction dates

We can't wait to welcome you.

New students and those starting the first year of a new programme are due to attend a College induction.

Please remember College transport will not be running on induction days and students should arrange thier own transport to College.

If you are unsure of your building or room please go to Sennen reception.

A Levels: Tuesday 1 September, 9:30am - 12:30pm. 

CourseTutor for first lessonBuilding and room
AS TUTA1ALEV1/20P R. Botterill Sennen room 201
AS TUTA1ALEV2/20P J. NevillPorthcurno room 201
AS TUTA1ALEV3/20P V. Henwood Nanjizal room 202
AS TUTA1ALEV4/20P C. Tessyman Sennen room 108
AS TUTA1ALEV5/20P V. Hager Sennen room 101
AS TUTA1ALEV6/20P E. Le Saux Sennen room 001
AS TUTA1ALEV7/20P A. WoodcroftSennen room 011
AS TUTA1ALEV8/20P J. Barraclough Sennen room 102
AS TUTFDMEDS1/20PB.CloughPorthcurno room 205
AS TUTA1ALEV10/20P B.CloughPorthcurno room 205
AS TUTA1ALEV9/20P P. Blackabey Sennen room 205

Vocational and commercial courses: Tuesday 1 September, 1:30pm - 4:30pm. 

CourseTutorBuilding and room
Level 1 Hair & Beauty V. Smith Zennor room 214
Level 2 Hair E. Lumb Zennor room 206
Level 3 Hair V. TredreaZennor room 207
Level 2 Beauty G. Uren Zennor room 212
Level 3 Beauty S. Taylor Zennor room 211
Level 1 Professional Cookery D. Izzard Zennor Lecture Theatre
Level 3 IT S. Riley Porthcurno room 106
Level 2 Public Services D. Scarr Porthcurno room 007
Level 3 Public ServicesL. Clarke Porthcurno room 105
Level 3 Sport S. Boston Porthcurno room 114
Level 3 Sport & Exercise Science N. Edyvean Porthcurno room 107
Level 3 Business E. Morice Porthcurno room 209
BTEC Level 2 Employability G. Wynne Haldriene building

Vocational arts and community courses: Wednesday 2 September, 9:30am - 12:30pm. 

CourseTutorBuilding and room
Level 2 Health & Social Care Z. Henshall Lamorna room 201
Level 3 FD Health & Social Care Group 1 H. Metcalfe Lamorna room 203
Level 3 FD Health & Social Care Group 2J. Hands Lamorna room 205
Level 3 FD Health & Social Care Group 3 A. Stains Lamorna room 202
Level 2 Media A. Rhodes Zennor room 308
Level 3 FD Games – Group 1A. Blackmore Zennor room 305
Level 3 FD Games – Group 2 J. Sandles Zennor room 307
Level 3 FD Lens Based Media A. Brighton Zennor room 315
Level 2 Art L. Hartles Nanjizal room 101
Level 3 FD Art S. Hartles Nanjizal room 201
Level 2 Childcare H. Anthony Zennor room 309
Level 3 FD Childcare K. Prowse Zennor room 310

Construction and motor vehicle: Wednesday 2 September, 12:30pm - 4:30pm.

CourseTutorBuilding and room
Level 1 Motor Vehicle Group 1 P. Cooke Gwenvor room 107
Level 1 Motor Vehicle Group 2 T. Sherwood Gwenvor room 108
Level 1 Brick C. Gooch Lamorna room 003
Level 1 Carpentry – Group 1 A. Broadhead Lamorna room 001
Level 1 Carpentry – Group 2R. Linton Lamorna room 002
Level 1 Painting & Decorating A. Bishop Gwenvor room 106