Bespoke training

Training and coaching tailored to meet your business and employee needs.

Truro and Penwith College have a long history of working with businesses across Cornwall to provide tailored training solutions. Providing training and coaching in areas such as management, marketing and IT.

Business training can be certified or non-certified depending on your requirements

We work closely with you to design course content and training delivery approaches that best meet your business needs. A key focus is identifying the impact you wish to achieve, how this will be measured and the other activities that need to happen within the businessto support this. We can host training at Haven House Conference and Training Centre in the heart of Truro or at a location of your choice.

Services offered

Free of charge needs assessment

One of our specialist trainers will meet with you to explore your needs, discussing potential approaches and solutions. Managers often find this process extreamly helpful, as business challenges are examined from different angles, often providing a fresh perspective and understanding.

360 Assessment

Self-awareness is the foundation of personal growth and success. Gaining feedback from those around you on your strengths and weaknesses enables you to intelligently focus your development activities.

We offer an established electronic 360-degree assessment tool. Questions can be based on general management competencies or can be completely bespoke to reflect core management competencies and values required within your business.

Bespoke training delivery

We have a number of subject experts who are able to offer accredited and non-accredited bespoke training in various subject areas, these include:

  • IT
  • Customer Service
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Leadership and Management
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

As part of this process we will ask a number of questions to fully explore your specific development needs, the best method of delivering training within your busines and how impact can be measured. We often adivse the involvement of potential training recipients at some stage of this process.

Action learning

These structured sessions can be run with four to seven people. They support group members to explore problems from fresh perspectives. These sessions help to build a strong team that works together to solve difficult and complex problems. We expect to run at least two session before the group are in a position to manage this process for themselves.

Personality profiling tools

These tools provide a framework to reflect on personal effectiveness and impact. They help managers to analyse their working relationships, to understand why some are easier than others and how to adapt to different styles. They also highlight potential strengths and weaknesses.

We are able to facilitate the use of a number of well-recognised and respected profiling tools. We can recommend the tool best suited for your needs, introduce the tool to managers and facilitate feedback and action planning.

Can I afford it?

Training tailored to meet your business needs can often be more cost effective than you may think.  We are always happy to work within your budget and suggest the best training solution.  As bespoke training is designed specifically for your business, it means that all time spent on a training course is specifically of value to your business, which can often reduce off job time required for training.

How do I find out more?

Contact us on 01872 242711 or email, we will then arrange for you to meet with one of our professional trainers to discuss your business needs.

Following this they will send you a proposal for how they feel we could best support you. This is a free of charge service, which will be of value to you even if you decide not to go ahead. Managers often find this process extremely helpful  as together we explore business issues from different perspectives and often discover that the source of the issue is potentially different than first thought.