Claire Mason

Apprentice at Kernow Fires

Claire Mason, 22, chose to do an Apprenticeship after deciding university wasn’t the right path for her. After realising that she learns better in the practical aspect Claire found that an Apprenticeship allowed her to gain hands-on experience alongside earning while she learns.

“I not only wanted to work and earn money, but I wanted to continue to grow my knowledge and skills. An Apprenticeship felt like the perfect route for me to do this,” Claire said.

She has not only completed her Level 2 Customer Services Apprenticeship with Kernow Fires in Wadebridge, but she has also completed her Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with them, describing it as a ‘no brainer’.

“I'm always eager to push myself – I get bored if I'm not challenging myself in one way or another. When I completed my Business Administration Apprenticeship, I discussed with my boss about progressing on to another Apprenticeship and with my employers support, I’m now on my third Apprenticeship.”

Currently undergoing a Level 3 Management Apprenticeship, Claire’s ‘leadership’ style and responsibilities within her workplace has meant that the Level 3 Management Apprenticeship would assist her role perfectly.

“The most beneficial thing about an Apprenticeship is meeting and being able to work with other people of different ages and abilities alongside earning a wage – it definitely increases your confidence in so many ways,” she said.

Claire continued: “I would recommend the Apprenticeship route to anyone! Dropping out of university gave me little confidence in succeeding but I feel experience is worth so much, it has helped me grow personally and professionally. If you get to work in a place like Kernow Fires with the support like I have, then Apprenticeships are ace and I’m definitely not planning to stop studying yet!”