Ellen Curnow

AAT Apprenticeship with Lang Bennetts

Trainee Account Ellen Curnow is completing her AAT Apprenticeship with Lang Bennetts and by the end of her first year, she had already proved herself to be capable enough to start managing one of Lang Bennetts’ bookkeepers and has been given responsibilities that would normally be taken on by a fully qualified member of staff.

Ellen decided to take on an Apprenticeship after studying A Levels because she preferred the idea of learning in a working environment. 

When I first started work, the idea of speaking to a client in person or over the phone terrified me. As I’ve become more confident in my own knowledge in Accountancy and with the company, it’s a lot easier for me to communicate with clients and even attend networking events.

With outstanding results from her AAT exams, Ellen achieved an overall 95% mark and distinction in her Level 3 exams and consistently attains high standards and outcomes in all her practical work.

Ellen was awarded Apprentice of the Year in Accountancy at the 2017 Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards.

“I was happy to be shortlisted and to go along to the awards for the experience, but taking the award for Apprentice of the Year in Accountancy was a huge surprise for me and a definite highlight of my Apprenticeship to be recognised for my hard work in my Apprenticeship,” Ellen said.

Ellen Curnow

Ellen won Apprentice of the Year in Accountancy at the 2017 Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards

After her Apprenticeship, Ellen hopes to progress in the business as a full time Chartered Accountant.

Helen Hood, Partner at Lang Bennetts: “Ellen epitomises what Apprenticeships are all about. The scheme has enabled her to discover a career path she clearly loves whilst also providing our company with a young, talented member of staff who is contributing not only to our bottom line but also to our efficiency and knowledge base. She is exceptional in every respect and we’re delighted to have her.”