Kiera Anderson

Penwith Community Development Trust Apprentice

Kiera Anderson

Kiera won Marketing Apprentice of the Year at the 2017 Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards

Marketing Apprentice Keira Anderson 19 from Truro works at Penwith Community Development Trust and is studying towards her Level 3 Marketing Apprenticeship with Truro College.

Keira works on multiple aspects of marketing that supports six different organisations - from managing social media and content writing, to campaign design and brand enforcement, Keira has had a huge impact on the business and the individual organisations, including driving forward the ‘Your Way’ project. Keira has even dealt with liaising with the Royal press office through to creating her own blog.

The success of her Apprenticeship has meant that Keira has been taken on as a Marketing Co-ordinator for the ‘Your Way’ project which is aimed at making a difference for young people in Cornwall.  

Taking on an Apprenticeship has enabled me to test one of my fields of interest without getting into debt. The industry and work place experience along with a qualification get me well on my way to a career a lot quicker than a degree would.

Keira won Marketing Apprentice of the Year at the 2017 Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards and said that despite winning being a highlight of her evening, it was great to talk to the other nominees and see the positive support they were all receiving from their employers.

Bernie Wills, Community Manager and Keira’s line manager, said: “Keira has delivered outstanding results, and is often way ahead of the project. She has also proved to be a self-starter, adaptable and patient. Nothing has phased her during the last year”.

“We have a great team of friendly people with a diverse set of skills who are all passionate about their work and will teach and encourage you. As an Apprentice it was great to be given a lot of responsibility not only in my work with creative freedom, but also with self-management which I think is what helped to grow my confidence quiet quickly, as it showed they believed in me.”