A Levels

With A Levels you can study a wide variety of subjects full-time and keep your options open. A Levels are Level 3 courses.

A Levels

Advanced Level programmes consist of formal lectures, class activities and assessments, set homework and problem solving. For each subject, you will also be required to undertake several hours of independent study both at College and at home. Modern study facilities are available at Truro and Penwith College and successful students use these effectively.

 We strongly encourage a broad programme for A Level students. Most subject specifications will contain a combination of examinations and coursework assessment.

From 2017 all A Levels will be delivered in the new linear format with no qualification at the end of year one. Unlike old modular A Levels, academic assessment for Linear A Levels will take place at the end of two years of study.

A Levels are however, also available as a stand alone one year AS Level qualification. These AS Level qualifications do not lead on to the second year of study and a full A Level qualification.

A2 Levels

The A2 Level of study is reached through successful completion of your first year on the course, resulting in an AS Level. Students progressing through their second year with satisfactory coursework and examination grades will receive an A Level qualification.

From the course


Alouise Sauthier

GRADES: History A, Philosophy A, English Lit A,


UNIVERSITY: Reading History at Exeter University

What are the teachers like at College? 

The teachers are beyond amazing at Penwith. I would definitely recommend Truro and Penwith College to anyone as it has outstanding teaching and support and I can genuinely say I couldn’t have had a better experience.


Avirath Das

GRADES: Maths A*, Further Maths A, Economics A*, Chemistry A.

HOMETOWN: Chacewater


UNIVERSITY: LSE to read Economics

Why did you choose the College? 

I did my first year at Truro School sixth form. It would have been quite easy for me to slip through the cracks, but the College were so good; they really helped me pick myself off the ground and helped me get to the university I wanted. 

What did you enjoy about the College? 

I really enjoyed the fact the College had a hands-off approach when you were doing well, but they were really good at helping you to get through the difficult parts.


Callum Eddy

Results: Biology A*, Physics A*, Mathematics A*, Chemistry A
Hometown: St Erth
Previous school: Hayle Community
University: Durham University to read Physics with Astronomy.

What interested you in astronomy?
Generally, it was science fiction; it sounds really clichéd, but Star Wars and Star Trek. It was mostly trying to prove the science; some things have become existent because of it, and I always thought that ‘if it doesn’t exist, will it or can it’, and can I get the knowledge to know how to progress that? I particularly like the idea of quantum teleportation and nuclear fusion.

Why did you choose the College?
I chose the College because it was the best local college available and it had renowned excellence. Everyone comes here because it is the best available. It lived up to my expectations and everything has been great, particularly the lecturers. It was hard work and I didn’t think I would get these grades, but if you don’t try you never get. I would advise new students to work hard, do everything on time and if in doubt, do more than you need to and keep reading.

What would you like to do for a career?
Further research or a career with NASA would be the greatest thing to achieve, that might be too high again, but you know, reach for the stars.

What have you enjoyed most?
All of it, nothing was not enjoyed! Reaching out, expanding knowledge and linking the sciences together for an improved understanding of everything possible.

Would you recommend the College?
Great times are to be had, fun experiences, lifetime memories and knowledge of the universe! 

Jimi Harrold

GRADES: Physics A*, Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Computing A, Chemistry B

HOMETOWN: Camborne last 10 years just moved to Truro.


UNIVERSITY: Nottingham University – Physics and Astrophysics

Why are you interested in physics? 

Ever since I was really young I have been fascinated by black holes. I would always buy books about them, learn as much as I could and devote my free time to learning about physics and black holes; it stemmed from there. I had a passion and a love for physics. It was the idea that something the size of a star could collapse down to something smaller than a full stop - that concept was so amazing to me, I was fascinated with how they worked. I was too young at the time to understand the mathematics behind it, but the idea captured my imagination.

Where would you like to work?

I want to go and work for NASA, I have been studying rocket science so I would like to pursue a career in the space industry.

Why did you choose Truro and Penwith College?

Mainly because of what you get to do. They have a lot of opportunities available and courses for everyone and they are so, so supportive, that’s the main thing. They were so supportive of me doing five A-Levels and said if I was comfortable doing it, they were comfortable with me doing it; it was a great feeling to have the College behind me.

What will you miss about the College?

I will miss the cheap doughnuts – 60p! That and the teachers - honestly the teachers. I have never had better, they are all so supportive. They are all such characters; they are great and all have a passion for their subject which is something you don’t see every day.

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