Christopher Moyle

Business Development Advisor

Chris joined the Business Development Team at Truro and Penwith College in 2012, following 2 years as a property developer. Prior to this Chris has experience in graphic design, international sales and branch management within HR and recruitment.

Chris is the Business Development Advisor for a wide array of employers, who have Apprenticeship recruitment needs spanning many areas of learning. Chris is also the lead BDA for childcare and teaching, and laboratory technician Apprenticeships. The demand for new Apprenticeship routes and higher-level Apprenticeship training is ever growing and during his time at the College, Chris has supported various Apprenticeship areas from leadership and management, right through to construction and many more in between.

Having worked closely with various college departments, Chris has a good understanding of all sectors as well as a good commercial business view and all-round knowledge of Apprenticeships and training.

Chris is analytical and practical and considers honesty and integrity within business to be the strength that has always been most respected and valued by his colleagues and clients. Chris believes the most successful organisations are those who understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams, those who utilise individuals’ experiences and develop their employees through training and development.

“One closed door can lead to great opportunities that you may not have considered before. I am proud to work for an organisation who’s known for its quality teaching and learning in Cornwall.”

Christopher Moyle