Toni Drew

Business Development Advisor for Partnership Accounts

Toni joined the Truro and Penwith College Business team in 2010 and has since held a number of diverse roles that have made her an asset to the team. During the 10 years she has worked for the College, initially joining the team as the Business Development Advisor for Higher Education, Toni has supported several areas and initiatives, including the development of an EU Business Start-up Project, Spark, for which she was the Developer / Programme Coordinator.

Her current role as the Business Development Advisor for Partnership Accounts sees her supporting employers across different sectors with their learning, development and apprenticeship needs, bringing brand new areas of industry to the college in Nursing, Firefighting and Tri Service apprenticeships.

The wealth of experience Toni has gained during her career has made her an expert in understanding business development and growth as she herself has helped to grow a number of businesses she has worked with. Initially starting out in the Hair and Beauty Industry working for salons, Toni quickly rose up the ladder and eventually turned her knowledge and passion for the industry into teaching others. Through this she become one of the industry’s main educators, travelling to London, LA and Hawaii for training programmes.

Toni’s passion for education led to her to pursuing a role as Liaison Officer for Hair & Beauty at an FE College where she successfully changed the College’s Apprenticeship status from ‘trainee’ to ‘employed’. This was a huge achievement, with the Hair & Beauty sector being the first in the Country to have apprentices with this status. Following this, Toni went on to become a Lecturer and a Course Manager, responsible for managing and designing apprenticeship programmes, before being promoted to Curriculum Area Manager (PTL). Across her diverse career she has often been part of new and innovative training initiatives, paving the way for future generations.

Toni is a dedicated, caring and supportive person and her knowledge and experience of different industries and organisations, allows her to provide sound solutions and development advice that supports business aspirations.

Outside of work Toni is a keen volunteer, holding positions at local swimming and gymnastics clubs and completing courses to help her excel in these areas. At home Toni has a passion for art, yoga and meditation and enjoys painting for her family and friends.

To arrange a consultation with Cherry and find out if the College can boost your business call; 01872 305500 or email; BUSINESS@TRURO-PENWITH.AC.UK

Education should be a part of every business to inspire career development. I truly believe that knowledge is power and people should have the choice in how they study for their future career – there are lots of opportunities here in Cornwall.

Toni Drew