Elite Academy

Including the High Performance and Military Fitness Groups, the Elite Academy is designed to offer specialist training to exceptional athletes across a range of sports.

Elite athletes

Athletes are required to be of at least county or regional standard (where available) to apply for the Elite Academy. Training programmes will be produced, where necessary, in conjunction with relevant coaches, and athletes will be encouraged to train with each other depending on their fitness requirements. 

There will be up to eight hours a week where sessions can be accessed to suit individual needs. 

Specific athletic and cross country training will also be held off site with Michelle Penhaligon, our UK Athletics Coach and Leader in Running Fitness.  Michelle also works closely with our disabled students improving their fitness levels and preparing them for competition. 

Elite athletes will get the opportunity to compete in Association of Colleges Sport events including cross country, track and field championships, watersports championships as well as other county and regional competitions.

There are 2 sub-groups within the Elite Academy to allow students to select the most appropriate training group for their needs.


High Performance Group

Students will be selected to join this group from an application process, due to the restricted positions available, and they must have a significant, professional commitment to training.

Jamie Willcocks, Truro College Sport and Exercise Science lecturer, has responsibility for students with national representative honours who train in the High Performance Group. He oversees the strength and conditioning development of the students who compete at an international level and are studying at Truro College.

Jamie is completing a Masters degree in the Applied Science of Strength and Conditioning and is an accredited member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, joining the small group of accredited strength and conditioning coaches recognised by the Quality Assurance Organisation, established to maintain high professional standards for UK strength and conditioning practitioners. He now combines his knowledge of sport and exercise science and conditioning techniques to provide students with effective, structured programmes that are organised around their own competition timetable.

Potential athletes may be involved in martial arts, golf, athletics, sailing and surfing. In the past the programme has been responsible for helping to produce both national and world champions across a range of sports.

Military Fitness Group

We have developed our outdoor military fitness sessions to provide students with the most effective and fun way to improve their fitness and achieve results. Each unique session is designed to challenge the ability and fitness level of every participant. Our staff also understand the importance of team work. Through tried and tested challenges, they know exactly what is required to make any group of individuals come together and work as a fully functional team. Team building sessions designed specifically to show the importance of working together as a team will be included.

The staff will provide the support and motivation to make sure that the students are getting the most out of their training while having fun at the same time. The aim is to help students achieve their fitness goals in preparation for specific sports, competitions or a career in public services.

The sessions will be free from any standard gym equipment; you won’t find any boring treadmill, ab machine or mirrors outside. What you will find is a group of fun and motivated people training outdoors and working together to achieve results.

The Elite Academy is fantastic, it offers an excellent supplementation for the training you already do in your sport.

Ben, Sport Development and Fitness Level 3 Extended Diploma and Elite Academy


  • Adam Everitt, taekwondo – Junior Heavy Weight ITF World Champion.
  • Jamie Martin, taekwondo – British Team member U56kg.
  • Alexandra Banfield, taekwondo – British Taekwondo Champion.
  • Charlie Currie, BMX – World Series.
  • Chris Edwards, judo – GB U21 team, England Squad.
  • Oli Clark, athletics – South West Champion 2012/13/14, English Schools 3rd place in 2014, ranked 2nd in GB at U19.
  • Yoyo Barnsley, cross country – England U17.
  • Naomi Rescorla-Brown, Martha Carlisle, Bryher Freight, Sam Gibbons and Lewis Pascoe, cross country – AoC Nationals 2016.